Renta 2009 (Modelo PADRE)

Renta 2009 (Modelo PADRE) 1.23

Image Renta 2009 (Modelo PADRE) 1.23
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    Agencia Tributaria

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    Windows 8

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  • Updated:

    January 30, 2022

  • "Easily fills out your income tax return"

Submitting your tax return is easy thanks to Renta 2009 (Modelo PADRE), a program that puts at your fingertips the economic data of other years so that you can add them to the current fiscal year. Following the steps of the program will not take long to prepare the income tax return that allows you to file electronically.

Both tax and personal information is automatically extracted by Renta 2009 (Modelo PADRE) after you identify yourself with your DNI. The system helps you at all times so that you fill in the remaining fields with the required data and you do not have any doubts throughout the process.

In less than expected you will have the income tax return ready to be filed.